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Companies need consistent effective management of their network infrastructure and conferencing equipment, while also seeing a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher Return on Investment (ROI). AVI-SPL's Unify ME™ Control provides the connections and usability of Immersive Telepresence and video system that users need with the ability to schedule and connect with ease and independence, while the resources AVI-SPL provides gives a company the support and financial justification. From vendor relationships to technical expertise to multiple services options, AVI-SPL can provide any combination of services to the customer. We make meeting with colleagues, customers, partners and vendors as easy as walking into the room.

Unify ME Control is a complete managed video service offering that gives you unmatched control and support. This extensive program delivers essential services and support for traditional and highdefinition video as well as telepresence environments. Our Unify ME program includes the following services, designed and delivered to meet your specific needs:

VNOC Symphony® Management Platform

Unify ME Control Services

AVI-SPL provides clients easy video management through a simple to use application. VNOC Symphony, our innovative communications management tool is accessible via calendar integration, web portal, Apple® iPhone®, iPad® or Android®. Companies will discover that with the convenience of VNOC Symphony, their users will be able to schedule their own meetings, view resource availability, access reports and analytics, contact support, and more from the comfort of their computer or smart mobile devices, creating a more self-directed meeting process.

VNOC® (Video Network Operations Center)

Doing more with less is always the challenge. With AVI-SPL's highly trained resources, AVI-SPL provides cloud-based services, remote services including 24/7 Heldesk and onsite services, allowing companies the convenience and assurance that their communication systems will always be available. AVI-SPL is the extension that companies need to allow their IT teams to work on core business functions.


Unify ME Control Services on the Cameleon Telepresence

Proactive monitoring of video devices, infrastructure, and meetings is imperative to a robust video communications solution. AVI-SPL provides device/room monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, real-time call monitoring, and room sweeps, verifying that all aspects of meetings are successful.


With our highly trained specialists and VNOC Symphony Management Platform, companies no longer need to worry about equipment upgrades, scheduling conflicts, or conference production. AVI-SPL provides a multitude of functions for your success. With calendar integration, web portals, mobile devices applications, and email and phone support, customers can be sure that their meetings are completed to their specific needs.


With VNOC Symphony, customers have access to stewardship and service level reporting. Such access to reports can provide companies valuable information regarding usage of endpoints and MCUs, peak conference times, and conference type analysis. Performance reports range from room availability, to success rate, to ticketing details. These types of reports make it possible for companies to make changes and avoid problems, such as constant lack of system availability, before they occur.

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Dispelling the Myths
By Michael Brandofino
Executive Vice President of Video Communications and Unified Collaboration, AVI-SPL

Videoconferencing, IP Protocol, MCUs, Codecs, H.323, H.264 and SIP... are just a few of the words and acronyms used in the world of video communications. It's easy to get lost in the lingo.

Now consider the recent introduction of Telepresence, the new addition of players in the space and the fact that end users are forced to make decisions about setting themselves up in a "Standards-based" versus "Non-Standards-based" environment.

Clear advice is obviously needed.

Our goal is to help you navigate through the world of video by separating fact from fiction. We'll also provide an analysis of what's on the horizon. And we'll try to do all of this without the jargon or the acronyms. Click here to read the complete article »